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Social Media

Social Network

Social media is part of every day's life with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Vimeo... It allow your company to communicate with your audience on the go, sending instant news or specials and increase your web presence online and with search engine

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Search Engine Optimization

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the art of coding meta tag within your page, sitemap and robot text in reference to your page content. It's about researching keyword, trend, market, competition and analyzing it all to build your site

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Pay Per Click

Because of the millions of website and the extensive competition, it is not always posible to rank well for all keyword on search engine. PPC will help advertising with missing keywords or by new customer. With a good analysis of your advertising you can adjust and put a price on your rate conversion to sales

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Local Marketing

Staying Local

Local Marketing is advertising and marketing on the local community scene. With local search on search engine and more local organization and forum or social media.

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Online Marketing Why do you need marketing?

Internet Marketing is the key factor with SEO to achieve a great ranking, and to be on top of the search engines for people to find you.Advertizing is part of internet marketing. Your company can be marketing locally or globally, it is essential for your website to be visible to the public.



Internet Marketing

  • Building quality backlink to your web site from sites relevant to yours.
  • Subscribing your site home link to all the major search engines and directories
  • Submitting Sitemap and robot.txt to major search engines
  • Starting a blog that people will want to read
  • Changing and updating the content of your web site. Blogging can help that process.
  • Advertising with PPC (Pay per click), you can adjust your daily budget and target markets. You only pay when people click but you bet against other advertiser to be on top.
  • Advertising with CPI or CPM for Cost per thousand impressions is the same principal the PPC but with each 1000 impressions.
  • Banner ads on relevant web sites or web sites that complete your business.
  • Getting articles published with a link to your site about your product or services and blasting it to the main news feed. This way you can rank better with certain keywords.

Biz Wiz Support specialized in Website design from building your site to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and online marketing. Bring quality customer to your internet site.