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Franck Vialy

Mr. Vialy was an M.I.T. (Manager of Information Technology) in New York for an electronic manufacturing company equipped with AS400 and PC Network stations. Managing databases of over 45,000 part numbers and two warehouses. Mr. Vialy was also responsible for the implementation of new technology, migration of information, and logistics in mergers. Mr. Vialy was also sound engineer/Producer in Paris, London and Los Angeles (Capitol Record).

Biz Wiz Support will bring a support team to your office virtally over the internet. With a fast response to your problem, Biz Wiz Support is your IT department for a fraction of the price. Biz Wiz Support will help you monitor your computer system and prevent any down time for your company by analyzing reports and reacting accordingly with regular maintenance.

Biz Wiz also will help you build specialised computer compatible with your application, sofware and business need. Do not take a chance buing a computer of the shelf for special use such as Autocad, video... Let us guide you with our experience technicians and build you a custome PC that will have certified hardware for your software or industrial application such as dusty, hi temperature environement to na me a few example.

Biz Wiz runs intensive and complete test to all the machine we build before delivering them. The OS, drivers, update and hardwareare optimized and ready for use. All conflict resolve, in other word you are getting a PC ready to go to production and generate money for your business.

We will work with you with your demands, needs and budget keeping in mind expansion and future growth for your system, Software and hardware. We will make sure that your data is safely store in case of disaster, crash or loss.

Biz Wiz Support network maintenance nd monitoring will prevent business down time and technical problem. Will will maintain your system as an inhouse IT departmnet would do it virtually, analizing sign though weekly report send to our technician from your server and by you allowing our technicians in your system on a regular base to make sure that we did not miss anything.

Biz Wiz Support will be your IT depatment for a fraction of the price.

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Biz Wiz Support

Franck Vialy

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