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SEO - Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which is the art of coding the web site pages so search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, to name a few, can read and index all your web site pages with efficiency.

Search engines like Yahoo place your page linsk on their search according to several factors:Search Engine Optimization

SEO ready pages

SEO ready pages

Coding of your page, the way your page is coded. You should not have any css or html/php errors in your page.
You should have Meta Tag within your page. (Meta tag is html coding giving the search engine keyword, description, way to read your page, author, language or audience your site is built to target.
Your page title , keyword and description meta tag and page plain text needs to be relevant and spelled correctly.
Paying attention to files and picture names is important.
Making sure that images have tags and titles for the disabled.
All those parameters  is needed as spider (search engine crawling software) needs to be perfect.

Speed of your website pages

Speed of your website pages

How many pictures are on the page, how well they are compressed and how well your CSS (formatting code ) is written and how many java or other script you have on your page/site.
Also depending on your hosting company (The company that store all the files of your web Site.

Internet popularity and traffic

Internet popularity and traffic

How many internet pages throughout the web are linked back to your site and how do they relate to your site subject. Search engines monitor how many people come to your site every day, month, etc. When people come to your site and leave immediately, it is called bouncing and if the ratio is too high, you will be penalized.
So you want to generate good content and quality back links, in order to keep visitors interested in your web site.

Broken links within your web site

Broken links within your web site

Broken links within your website will damage your search engine ranking.

Sitemap and robot text

Sitemap and robot text

Two very important files that search engines look for.

The robot text will allow or disallow search engines to index files or directories to index.
A sitemap is a xml or txt coded map of your site referencing all files, images, you want indexed on your web site.
An easy to navigate site is important for user experience, and search engines are also sensitive to it.

SEO is crucial at the building stage and will help your site to have a good ranking. Ranking is the ability to be on top of the search according to all the SEO parameters in addition to traffic (with a low bouncing rate).

SEO Search Engine ready website:

Search engine optimization is very important for your site to be visible to search engine online. It is a combination of keywords and descriptions of your product or service in your page text and in the meta tag programed within your page coding.

SEO, Search Engine Optimization and Marketing:

Meta Tag is part of SEO

Meta elements are the HTML or XHTML  

element used to provide structured meta data about a Web page. Multiple elements are often used on the same page: the element is the same, but its attributes are different. Meta elements can be used to specify page description, keywords and any other meta data not provided through the other head elements and attributes.

This Phase Include:

Site Analysis, Keyword Research, Competition Research, WebPages Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords, Sitemap Creation & Submission, Internal Links, Link structure, Alt Tags
Keyword Density, URL Canonicalization, Browser compatibility check, Page weight checking, Duplicate content checking, Search engine spider simulation, Keyword relevancy modification, Restoring broken , Image optimization, Customize 404 error page, Optimize robots.txt & Manual SE's Submission.

Involve researching the most competitive websites in your business area, analyzing their keywords and SEO Techniques used and then creating the list of keywords we will use to target your website in all the major SE's

Then we will use the newest SEO Strategies in order to maximize your website exposure to SE's.

  • Page weight checking
  • Optimize robots.txt
  • Create sitemap.xml

- Site Analysis: I will analyze your website and I will also make a report about the initial stage of the website (link popularity, Alexa ranking of the website and search engine saturation). After we will start to build links for the website I will send those types of reports in order to can see the evolution of the website, by comparing the reports.

- Keyword Research: I will make keywords research based on the most searched keywords on the internet on the domain. I will make a list of keywords that I will send to you in order to make a review and give an opinion. I will only use the final list approved by you.

- Competition Research: I will make a research based on the competitor's websites (the first 10-20 websites from the major SE's- Google, Yahoo, MSN…
Based on that I will chose some keywords that bring good results to the competitors and add to the first keywords list.

- WebPages Title: I will make a proper meta title for the website using the URL of the website in order to be better indexed by the SE's and also the most important keywords that we have.

- Meta Description: Also the Meta description will be made by the ultimate Google algorithm; it will incorporate the most important keywords.

- Meta Keywords: I will create a proper Meta keywords line based on the keyword we picked up at the beginning. This will contain about 30-35 keywords, not more in order that the website will not be Over Optimized and the website will be penalized by the SE's.

- Sitemap Creation & Submission: I will make a Google Site Map for the website. That will help the website in order to be index by the SE's.

- Links - Link structure, Alt tags, Text link words and titles if needed: I will implement alt tag attributes on the pages and also some text links for the keywords we will target.

- Keyword density of each major section on the page: I will make some changes on the text of the pages in order that the keywords density is balanced.

- Manual submission to all the major SE's: I will submit the website to all the major SE's, manually.

Then search engine look at the popularity of your website online. This is where the online marketing comes in play.

Online Marketing

Building Back links

Backlinks are incoming links to a website or web page. Inbound links were originally important (prior to the emergence of search engines) as a primary means of web navigation; today their significance lies in search engine optimization (SEO). The number of backlinks is one indication of the popularity or importance of that website or page.  links, Image optimization, Customize 404 error page, Optimize robots.txt & Manual SE's Submission

Back links need to be done right. We build backlink following strict guides line:

We are very strict in our rules of back link building so you can never be banned from a search engine, and your site will rank better from it.

Biz Wiz Support offer several types of backlinks:

          • Social Bookmarking links
            All links from DoFollow websites
            All the links from PR3+ websites
          • Press release
            Links from PR2+ press release sites
            All links from DoFollow websites
          • Article Submission
            Links from PR3+ sites
            All links from DoFollow websites
          • Profile links
            Links from PR4+ websites
            All links from DoFollow websites
          • Video submission
            We will create Video from your website
            Post it into video sites

Link Back

Social Media Marketing:

          • Google/Youtube Video Promotion
          • Flickr/Google Images Promotion
          • Blogspot promotion
          • Social Website promotion on Myspace, Facebook, Twitter