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Video Taping


Video Taping

Biz Wiz Support has pro-consumer equipment to film your commercials, presentations, or products to include those video to your website or your social media.
Let us make your company a computer screen capture video for internal or commercial use.

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Video Editing


Video Editing

Video Editing with final cut pro will produced a professional video of your company commercials, presentations or products. Video editing is the art of story telling. It will define your company branding. It is worth a million words... See more editing features here under.

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Video Formatting


Video Formatting

With today technology, from personal computers to smart phones video media is distributed to so many different platform and media that video formatting or transfer is an essential part of online media delivery. Format vary s from DVD, CD, hi broadband, low broadband, smart phone & tablet over data or wi-fi, i-tune, youtube, ibook...

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Video Editing

Editing with Final Cut Pro

An amazing new timeline. Dynamic media organization that takes the work out of finding clips with blazing performance.

Biz Wiz Support offers Video taping, video Editing and video formatting for DVD, YouTube, internet streaming for all small business needs.

Video filming | Video Editing | Video Social Media
Revolutionary Video Editing

Revolutionary Video Editing

Edit without clip collisions or sync problems using the Magnetic Timeline, Clip Connections, and more.

Powerful Media Organization

Powerful Media Organization

Find any clip in just a few clicks using a combination of automatic metadata and custom keywords.

Incredible Performance

Incredible Performance

Use the full power of the Mac for fast, responsive editing, with consistent color and quality at every step.

Revolutionary Video Editing

Rebuilt from the ground up to meet the needs of today’s creative editors, Final Cut Pro breaks free from the restrictions of old-fashioned timeline tracks. A dynamic editing interface — enhanced for the Retina display on the MacBook Pro — lets you experiment freely while working with extraordinary speed and precision.

extraordinary speed and precision

Magnetic Timeline
Suddenly, everything falls into place.

With a visual simplicity that reveals powerful professional tools just when you need them, the Magnetic Timeline in Final Cut Pro offers an exceptionally fluid, flexible way to edit. Assemble shots with ease as clips “magnetically” close up to eliminate unwanted black gaps in the timeline. Similarly, clips move out of the way to avoid clip collisions and sync problems, so you can focus on creating your story. If you’d prefer to work with traditional, non-rippling editing behaviors, you can use the Position tool to build your timeline. Interactive animations show you exactly what’s happening as you work, so you can easily try out new ideas.

Interactive animations

Powerful. No matter how you look at it.

Assemble sophisticated multicam projects with unprecedented speed and flexibility using Final Cut Pro. The 64-bit engine allows you to work natively and in real time with a variety of formats, frame sizes, and frame rates. Create a Multicam Clip by automatically syncing up to 64 angles of video and photos, or choose custom sync options to precisely align footage based on time of day, timecode, markers, or audio waveforms. To adjust a Multicam Clip, double-click to open it in the Angle Editor, which lets you move, sync, and edit the look of individual clips. When it’s time to cut, simply drop the Multicam Clip into your project and click in the customizable Angle Viewer. Or use keyboard shortcuts to seamlessly switch between video and audio on the fly. You can even combine audio channels from multiple cameras with just a click.

multiple cameras

Multichannel Audio Editing
Look deeper into audio.

Edit multichannel audio faster than ever — right in the timeline. A simple keystroke lets you expand any audio file in place so you can view its separate components. Easily enable or disable entire channels, and select ranges for fine control of timing and volume. For a complete view of your audio file, access the Inspector, where you can rename and hide individual channels. And if you’re working with Multicam Clips, you can switch between and combine multiple audio sources with a click.

multiple audio sources

Clip Connections
Keep it together.

Clip Connections make it simple to place clips such as B-roll, sound effects, and music in the timeline so they all move together as you make changes — even in the most complex projects. Final Cut Pro automatically creates a Clip Connection when you drag a secondary element to the timeline.

It’s easy to reorganize your story as you work, because you can move a section of your project in a single step. Or press a modifier key to keep Connected Clips locked in place as you rearrange clips in the Primary Storyline. Clear visual connections make it easy to hand off a project to another editor or resume editing at a later date.

Clip Connections make it simple to place clips

It’s easy to reorganize your story as you work

Compound Clips
Cut through timeline clutter.

With Compound Clips, you can group a complex set of elements and collapse them into a single clip. This removes clutter from the timeline and creates a simplified version of the segment that’s easy to move or duplicate. You can step into a Compound Clip or expand it to make changes to individual elements at any time.

Compound Clips are automatically saved to the Event Browser, making it easy to reuse them in other projects — for example, when designing a unique sound effect with layered audio. And Compound Clips work just like Multicam Clips, so changes you make in the Event Browser instantly ripple across your projects.

group a complex set of elements and collapse them into a single clip

Inline Precision Editor
Perfect the pacing.
Right in the timeline.

The Magnetic Timeline improves on traditional ways of trimming, including ripple, roll, slip, and slide edits. If you need additional control, double-click an edit to open the Precision Editor and make trims directly in the timeline. The Precision Editor expands your view of the edit point so you can see both used and unused portions of your clips. Then skim entire clips and adjust edit points with a click.

Magnetic Timeline improves on traditional ways of trimming, including ripple, roll, slip, and slide edits

It’s never been easier to
choose the perfect shot.

With the unique Auditions feature, you can collect multiple alternative shots at a single location in the timeline and quickly cycle through them in context. Test different B-roll shots, different reads of the same lines, different color grades for the same shot, or different effects. Or use Auditions to create multiple versions of your project for different deliverables and venues. It’s easy to create an Audition — simply drag shots of any length to the same place in the timeline and choose “Add to Audition.” As you try out different shots, the Magnetic Timeline keeps everything in sync.

Powerful Media Organization

Today’s video editor deals with more formats and footage than ever before. Final Cut Pro X helps you handle it all with ease, offering a streamlined import interface and dynamic new ways to organize your media.

Powerful Media Organization
Powerful Media Organization
Powerful Media Organization

Unified Import
A single window for any source.

Seamlessly import media from file-based cameras and file system locations using the unified import window. The streamlined interface includes a customizable List view ideal for reviewing metadata and a Filmstrip view that makes it easy to browse large amounts of footage. Built-in PTP support lets you import photos and videos directly from your DSLR camera. You can even add frequently used file system locations to the Favorites sidebar for fast access.

Seamlessly import media from file-based cameras

Content Auto-Analysis
Let your media organize itself.

Final Cut Pro dramatically speeds up preparing your media by analyzing your source material in the background while you edit. Content Auto-Analysis scans your footage and creates metadata based on the way editors like to work — with range-based tags for media attributes, camera data, shot type, and whether the shot contains one person, two people, or a group. Use these tags to sort, filter, and search your clips.

Set up Auto-Analysis to occur during import or analyze clips later if you prefer. Content Auto-Analysis also performs processor-intensive analysis ahead of time for features such as image stabilization, corrections for rolling shutter distortion, color balance, and repairs for typical audio problems. Then you can use these features in real time as you edit.

Let your media organize itself

Range-Based Keywords
Sort, filter, and search.
On your own terms.

Search even more precisely by creating your own keywords and assigning them to clip ranges. Skimming and keyboard shortcuts let you efficiently browse hours of footage, and you can make and maintain multiple range selections — even on the same clip. Use range-based keywords in combination with rich metadata from Content Auto-Analysis to find any shot with a few keystrokes. That’s a big improvement over old-fashioned, static bins.

Skimming and keyboard shortcuts

Smart Collections
Search without a second

Set up Smart Collections to organize clips in a variety of ways without moving or copying files. Create a search using any combination of metadata and keywords, then save it as a Smart Collection. Final Cut Pro automatically adds new items to a Smart Collection when there is a match with the fields you’ve selected.

Content Auto-Analysis creates Smart Collections for you using key attributes such as shot type or the number of people in the shot. You can also designate shots as Favorites or Rejects and include those criteria as you sort, filter, search, and create Smart Collections.

Smart Collections
The power of video editing

Direct Access to Content Libraries
Drag and drop photos, movies, music,
and more.

Built-in content browsers let you preview and search for photos, music, and sound effects without leaving Final Cut Pro. Easily access visual content through the Photos Browser, which includes your iPhoto and Aperture libraries. Final Cut Pro supports MP3 and AAC files, so you can use iTunes as your built-in music library. Final Cut Pro also offers more than 1300 royalty-free sound effects through a free software update, as well as a range of generators — including graphic backgrounds and textures — that add polish to your projects. When you find the content you’re looking for, just drag and drop to add it directly to the timeline.